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A Drink To Virtue (Set of 4), Sake Glass, Shot Glass (4 Designs)

A Drink To Virtue (Set of 4), Sake Glass, Shot Glass (4 Designs)

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pressed
  • Size: 2.80L x 2.80D x 2.00H inches (each)
  • Limited Edition: Unlimited
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  VTB043.AFXXZ

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Design Concept:

Set of 4 shot glasses. Each glass features a different sculpted seasonal motif: violet plum blossoms for winter, chrysanthemums for autumn, bamboo for summer, and delicate orchids for spring. In “A Drink to Virtue,” the seasons are celebrated in the ritual of drinking. All glassware is meticulously crafted from Liuli. Each delicate glass measures 7 cm X 5.1 cm and is ideal for use with baijiu, soju, sake and other similar alcohols. A drink and a laugh, a sip, a taste, embracing elegance and an understated intoxication.

Mixed Color:

The cup and base will be different colors.

Same Color:

The cup and base will be the same color.


A Drink To Virtue

People of virtue,
An encounter, a common understanding,
A shared regret of not having known one another sooner.
Lest more time be wasted,
Let's Drink.