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Crystal Treasure Vase, Feng Shui, Dragon of Metal Element, Ethereal Chime Baoping

Crystal Treasure Vase, Feng Shui, Dragon of Metal Element, Ethereal Chime Baoping

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 10.24L x 8.66D x 11.50H inches
  • Limited Edition: 550 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PCA039.ADAEB

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Design Concept:

This treasure vase showcases elaborately ornamental and extremely subtle motifs to express the "metal element" dragon through unlikely crests and swirls of waves. "Golden dragon, soaring through the sky, its future is bright. The divine dragon hovers and circles, flipping and tumbling up and down. Its dragon head is finely crafted by pate de verre technique, and its body is shaped like rolling waves using freehand techniques, dancing in the air. As gold is born from water, it is known as the golden dragon. With graceful and free-spirited posture and enchanting melodies, it is the most delicate design in this series. As the world is in harmony, all things thrive and prosper. The dragon's body is connected from head to tail, forming a Chinese character "hui" (回) shape. The symmetric design has subtle variations, and the clever coloring makes the left and right sides of the dragon's body distinct, making it the most prominent design in this series that utilizes contrasting colors."


金龍,凌空飛舞,前程似錦。神龍盤旋回繞,上下翻騰 ,龍首細緻雕琢,身體以寫意手法凝鍊成翻滾的水浪,飛揚如舞。金依水生,故為金龍。曼妙天音,姿態飄逸灑脫,祥和安寧,此系列中最為柔美的一款。天地和順,萬物繁榮興盛。龍身首尾相連,呈回字型,造型對稱中又有細微變化,巧妙的定色,使得龍身左右兩邊涇渭分明,也是此系列中對比色運用最凸顯的一款。

Ethereal Chime Baoping

Suspended in dance,
Immeasurable divinity.
Across the skies, an ethereal chime,
A resonance for harmony across the land
And a beautiful greater good.


化天 妙音