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Crystal Flower, Moth Orchid, Red Radiance

Crystal Flower, Moth Orchid, Red Radiance

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 5.04L x 4.33D x 3.15H inches
  • Limited Edition: 5,000 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PAG010.ADACE

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Design Concept:

The standalone crystal flower piece from the Peaceful Existence collection is a curious and seemingly diminutive variety of flower presented in glasswork. Its charming disposition declares its own uniqueness. The moth orchid, sculpted here in vivid hues of red with golden undertones, is believed to accompany the arrival of good fortune in classic Chinese literature. The flower is contrasted with its base—a lovingly familiar shape reminiscent of the full moon, and in full bloom, it mimics a moth under a light opening its wings to take flight. The messenger of good luck and fortune is polished to perfection and boasts immaculate color-placement techniques that are signature of LIULI studio artisans. Viewing oneself through flowers and the world through a vase is an ancient Chinese philosophy. Through the purity of the moth orchid, we see the intrinsic goodness of the heart.


水晶琉璃蝴蝶蘭,脫蠟鑄造技法手工製成,作品以脫臘製成加上熱駁接完成,浮雕的花朵上,花瓣的顏色通過精准定色完成,通過不同顏色琉璃料的繁複配比,完成花朵驚豔的絢爛顏色。底座部分的浮雕花朵,在作品的拋光面上折射光影,形成琉璃藝術特有的內空間畫面。 真實的立體雕塑和內部折射的光影空間,彼此呼應,形成了有趣的對話。底座上圓圓的凹槽,是圓圓的月亮,也是收藏幸福的空間。蝴蝶翩翩,帶來滿滿的幸福,凝結成一個小紅珠,溜溜的停在這裡,充滿了趣味。蝴蝶蘭的花語:幸福的來臨。正如同蝴蝶蘭盛開的花朵,形如蝴蝶飛舞翩翩,將幸福帶到你的身邊。以花觀己,以花觀世界,從作品蝴蝶蘭的純潔,看見心的本善。

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Red Radiance

A blessing
is selfless,
radiating light upon all.
With love
and faith,
in praise of all life.