Boundless Grandeur (Victory) - Crystal Horse Sculpture

Color: Light Amber

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Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pate de Verre
Size: 16.73L x 7.09D x 18.03H inches
Limited Edition: 199 pieces (Worldwide)
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Design Concept:

The yellow body of the sculpture appears to be adorned with golden sand, while the glimmer of the golden saddle enhances the horse's fearless nature as it charges forward with the wind. This art piece is suitable for entrance decoration, showcasing the owner's courageous spirit and aspirations. Additionally, it serves as a powerful reminder of personal expectations when placed in a study. Apart from being a valuable addition to one's personal collection, this piece makes an excellent and thoughtful gift, especially for elders and superiors, symbolizing respect and reverence.

The golden crown, embellished with intricate beast faces, serves as a mask and armor for the horse. To be armed is to possess spiritual armor. LIULIGONGFANG's director, Chang Yi, believes that in challenging times, conquering adversity requires a formidable force, just like the crown with golden antlers serving as the horse's armor. The pursuit of such armor aims to align the internal and external aspects. On the exterior, there is an impression of fearlessness, while the interior inspires courage through its momentum. Chang Yi added a golden crown and a jewel-adorned saddle to Loretta Yang's original sculpture, infusing the horse with an inspirational and soaring spirit. "Boundless Grandeur" not only showcases LIULIGONGFANG's traditional intricate details but also boasts a unique and powerful appearance. This extraordinary horse wears a bejeweled crown and a golden saddle adorned with curly grass designs, embedded with 136 zircon gemstones. It exudes grace and power, reminiscent of the heroic mounts described in epic poems that accompany heroes on their conquests across lands. Similarly, in life, we require strong spiritual support, transforming armor into strength, making a tangible impact on the world, defying environmental obstacles, breaking through darkness, and fearlessly facing any adversity.


雕塑的黃色身體似乎被金色的沙子裝飾著,而金色馬鞍的閃光增強了馬的無畏性,它隨風向前衝。這件藝術作品適合作為入口裝飾,展示主人的勇敢精神和願望。此外,放在書房裡,它還能有力地提醒人們對個人的期望。除了作為個人收藏的寶貴補充外,這件作品也是一份極好的貼心禮物,特別是送給長輩和上級,象徵著尊重和敬畏。飾有復雜獸面的金冠可作為馬的面具和盔甲。武裝是指擁有精神上的盔甲。琉璃工房的導演張毅認為,在充滿挑戰的時代,征服逆境需要一種強大的力量,就像帶著金鹿角的皇冠作為馬的盔甲。追求這種盔甲的目的是使內部和外部一致。在外表上,有一種無畏的印象,而內部則通過其氣勢激發勇氣。張毅在楊惠姍的原始雕塑上增加了一個金冠和一個寶石裝飾的馬鞍,為這匹馬注入了鼓舞人心的飛揚精神。 "萬裡雄風"不僅展示了琉璃工坊傳統的複雜細節,而且還擁有一個獨特而強大的外觀。這匹非凡的馬戴著珠光寶氣的皇冠,金色的馬鞍上裝飾著捲曲的草地圖案,上面鑲嵌著136顆鋯石。它散發著優雅和力量,讓人聯想到史詩中描述的英雄坐騎,這些坐騎伴隨著英雄們在陸地上的征服。同樣,在生活中,我們需要強大的精神支持,將盔甲轉化為力量,對世界產生切實的影響,藐視環境障礙,衝破黑暗,無畏地面對任何逆境。

Boundless Grandeur

Akin to dragons and winds,
Rising high into the air,
Dare to offend steel armors and golden saddles?
Boundless aspects
Fixed by heaven and earth,
A towering prowess.



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