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The Proof of Awareness (Collector's Edition)

Artist's Edition: The Proof of Awareness

* The following designs were acquired by the glass museums *
The Proof of Awareness exhibited at Corning Museum of Glass, NY U.S.A.  |  Museum of Arts & Design, NY U.S.A.
Springtime Dance exhibited at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark

The Color of Grandeur

Flowers are colorful.  Where did the colors go?  Flowers are coquettish.  Why so massive?

The light within darkness.  Is disengaging and arousing and twisted and at ease and passionate and anguishing and soothing.  It is the silence following comprehension, the clarity within purity.  It is rebellious and engrossing and manic and letting go and suffering and perplexing and romantic.  It is no longer wanting after complete fulfillment.