LIULI Mythical Creature Qilin | Benevolent Guardian

Color: Amber / Clear

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Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pate de Verre
Size: 11.14L x 5.79D x 16.93H inches
Limited Edition: 298 pieces (Worldwide)
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Design Concept:

Explore the magical world of the Qilin, a rare and majestic creature that embodies the beauty and grace of six different animals. With the body of a deer, the horns of a dragon, the tail of an ox, and the hooves of a horse, the Qilin is a true masterpiece of nature. As a symbol of excellence and peace, this mythical creature is revered in Chinese culture for its ability to bring harmony and prosperity to the world. In this stunning series of artwork, the five legendary beasts known as the East Asian Five Elements are depicted in full glory. From the dragon-like Azure Dragon of the East to the majestic White Tiger of the West, each creature stands proudly on a celestial sphere adorned with stars, representing the vast and infinite universe that surrounds us all. With its divine powers and dynamic presence, the Qilin reigns supreme, its feet firmly planted on a cloud, while the winds of change swirl around it. As you delve deeper into this enchanting world, you'll be captivated by the intricate details and the deeper meanings behind each element of the artwork.


麒麟出中方,屬性是土, 麒麟,是聖獸王,融合了龍、牛、鹿、羊、馬、虎的特徵,體現了 “集美”思想,用以象徵才能傑出的人,以及因麒麟是在太平盛世才會示現的靈獸,也寓意一個和平和善的世界。如同土,是孕育萬物的根本, 無私的承容一切,仁澤人間萬物。 作品的塑造動感十足,無限神力的神獸足踏祥雲,風雲千里。此系列作品,五靈獸均徜徉於一塑有星宿的球體上,球體,象徵天地宇宙,是生命、是希望,提醒自我對宇宙自然的關照,明白四時有序、耕耘收藏,和諧共處的智慧。球體上塑有星宿,說明方位,指引方向,引領我們清楚,下一步,怎麼走,並因為知道了位置,步步是妙草吉花,處處是好人間、好前程、好時勢、好風水、好力量。五相,東青龍、西白虎、南朱雀、北玄武、中麒麟,安定人心,信心的鎮守與護佑。古老的東方智慧,指引人們前往美好和諧的未來。

Benevolence of the Qilin

Sauntering at the brink of heaven,
the Qilin contains within benevolence for all the world's creatures.
With an enlightened soul and impenetrable body,
it is an eternal protector,
a central force of good.


菩提心, 金剛身,

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