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Crystal Buddha, Guanyin, Heartfelt Compassion in Each Step


The Collection: Crystal Buddha Sculpture

Design Description:

Guanyin, the Chinese version of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, appears in thirty-three different manifestations, so as to meet the needs of the various types of beings who call out for her intercession and to whom she teaches the Dharma. This is a novel representation of Guanyin, as it is neither her original form nor one of her traditional thirty-three manifestations. She is depicted in her usual standing posture, holding a rosary, and wearing a magnificent jeweled necklace; on her head is a small statue of the buddha Amitabha. She rides on her customary mount, the chaotianhou, a mythical beast said to be the son of the Dragon King. Serving as a type of guardian, it snarls at the sky. Its function is to impart the will of heaven to the world, and to transmit the sentiments of the people to heaven. The precision with which this piece manifests Guanyin’s countenance and bearing attest to the level of mastery attained by the artist over decades of painstaking work. Guanyin’s tranquil bearing and fluttering robe covey a sense of fortitude amidst the vicissitudes of life. Overall, this exquisite sculpture exudes a tangible sense of benevolence and solicitude for the welfare of all sentient beings.


Heartfelt Compassion in Each Step

Recall compassion,
Pass through this mortal world
And eliminate ignorance;
With each step, evolution.



Item No.:



5.91"L x 4.92"D x 13.39"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

790 pieces (Worldwide)

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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* Authentic certificate only comes with most art pieces at the valued of $500 and more, which include the signature of the artist, product detail, and the edition number (if applied).

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging

Liuli Gift Packaging


Artist/Founder Loretta H. Yang leads a team of experienced artisans to create arts that honor the richness of cultural heritage and value.

Step No. 1: Design and sculpting


Step 2 of the process involves coating our original clay sculpture in silicone. Layer after layer (3 to 7 layers) is fastidiously coated to produce a negative mold, a crucial step in capturing the prevision of the sculpture. Each layer must dry completely before additional layer is applied, thickness must be uniform to prevent leakage of wax. Once complete, the clay is removed to reveal a negative silicone mold.

Step No. 2: Silicone molding


Pour molten wax into the negative silicone mold.

Step No. 3: Infusion of molten wax. Fill wax into a negative mold.


Once wax has solidified and cooled, release the wax form by carefully peeling back the silicone mold. Like a butterfly molting, the silicon is shed to reveal a positive wax form.

Step No. 4: Shedding of silicon mold to obtain the wax form


A careful refinement of the wax sculpture. Because every microinch and subtlety plays its own role in the grand scheme of beauty. Our artists refine the wax mold to its final perfection.

Step No. 5: Wax form refinement; removing imperfections


The wax mold is placed on a wooden plank in a metal container and plaster is poured and solidified. Embedding wax form with fire-resistant plaster.

Step No. 6: Coating the wax sculpture with plaster to form a refractory mold


Wax is steamed out of the plaster under high heat yielding a negative plaster mold.

Step No. 7: Removal of wax with steam—the essence of the “lost-wax” process


Liuli ingredients are created through unique firing and processing of glass. Color and size appropriate pieces are placed within the plaster and fired.

Step No 8: Choosing color; kiln firing


Fire and melt. Under intense heat, a new vision of transparency and clarity is born.

Step No. 9: Re-firing at 1,400 degrees Celsius


Extreme patience and care are necessary when removing the plaster to prevent damage.

Step No. 10: Removal of plaster mold

When the art pieces emerge, our masters step in to carefully chip away the plaster mold. Like excavating fragile archaeological relics, one false move and you're left with broken shards.


First comes die-cutting - smoothing the crystal down to the last microinch. Rough polish, removal of excess support, refinement and fine surface polish with a high-speed fabric wheel.

Step No. 11: Retouching of details; burnishing and polishing

Our artist refines and re-polishes each and every detail yet again.


An etched number on the base of each piece indicates its limited edition and reminds us to never stop creating. After the engraving - an official LIULI artwork is born.

Step No.12: Final inspection; etching of serial number; packaging