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Crystal Vessel, Chinese Ding, Docility with Boldness-Ding of Dragon Rising

Crystal Vessel, Chinese Ding, Docility with Boldness-Ding of Dragon Rising

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 7.87L x 2.36D x 7.87H
  • Limited Edition: 620 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PCC077.ADACA

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The Collection: The Nine Ding of Profound Virtue

Design Concept:

This imposing yet tranquil art piece is from the "Nine Ding of Profound Virtue" collection, and features the imagery of two dragons in their most representative form in the series. The two deities embody a powerful force capable of commanding wind and rain, rising alongside a mountain (sculpted into the body of the ding piece) with calm and resolute strength. The two ancient wisdoms complement each other, emphasizing the importance of both docility, or calmness and reason, and boldness, which is unwavering and resolute. Together, they form the strongest of characters. By emphasizing the exercise of real strength, this art piece serves as a powerful reminder that unbridled boldness is best balanced with humility.


這幅氣勢恢宏而又寧靜的藝術作品出自 "厚德九鼎 "系列,以該系列中最具代表性的兩條龍的形象為主題。這兩個神靈體現了一種能夠指揮風和雨的強大力量,與一座山(雕刻在鼎的主體上)一起上升,具有平靜和堅定的力量。這兩種古老的智慧相輔相成,強調了溫順(即冷靜和理智)和果敢(即堅定不移和果斷)的重要性。它們共同構成了最強大的性格。通過強調行使真正的力量,這幅藝術作品有力地提醒人們,無拘無束的大膽與謙遜是最好的平衡。

Docility with Boldness-Ding of Dragon Rising

A pair of dragons raise heaven and earth;
faith, unshakable.
Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter,
preserves the mountains, rivers, sun and moon from past to present,
for all eternity.


信念, 不容動搖