Peace of Mind (Zen Decor) - Free Mind from Prolific Dreaming

Color: Light Brown

Free Mind from Prolific Dreaming

In a temple hidden deep in the mountains, there is a young monk.
Never wanting to practice his prayers, he spends his time playing ball.
His disobedience earned him a spanking from an elder monk.
"Oww, oww", he cried!
Poor little monk.

Design Ref. No.: VZB018.ADXAU
Size: 2.20"L x 2.20"W x 5.50"H inches
Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pate de Verre
Symbolism: Carefree, Wisdom, Happiness
Function: Zen Decor

藝術家系列 - 【 自在 】

深山古廟裡, 有個小和尚,

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