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Crystal Flower, Orchid, Gentle Water, Spring Orchid

Crystal Flower, Orchid, Gentle Water, Spring Orchid

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 19.84L x 10.43D x 10.04H inches
  • Limited Edition: 195 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PEG041.ADACZ

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The Collection: Flower Sculptures

Design Concept:

This art piece is the largest and most layered piece of its theme in the LIULI repertoire. It uses several unique sculpting techniques in its making. While the globe-like base is layered with low relief, the flowers that decorate it have been colored and textured with powdered crystal, giving it a sharp but unobtrusive contrast. The artwork yields a sentiment of elegance and calm with the classic orchid motif in the season of its bloom—spring. Each petal is carefully crafted with immense care in “Gentle Water, Spring Orchid” to achieve a truly garden-like dream state here.

Gentle Water, Spring Orchid

Leaf by leaf,
Petal by petal,
Flawless and fulfilled;

The current runs softly,
Fate in the joy of giving.
As long as I can dance, At leisure.



只要,我從容地, 起舞。