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Crystal Gourd or Hulu, Feng Shui, Happiness Lies Ahead

Crystal Gourd or Hulu, Feng Shui, Happiness Lies Ahead

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 5.12L x 3.15D x 6.30H inches
  • Limited Edition: 3,200 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PEE051.ADAEA

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Design Concept:

Heavily adorned with traditional cultural motifs and Chinese aesthetics that symbolize good fortune, this piece is one of the collection's most classic interpretations of the beloved spring season. Its central hulu figure stands proudly on a rich ancient gold Sycee, both symbolizing wealth and abundance. Flanking the sycee base are ruyi symbols, representing the arrival of good fortune. With daffodil flowers and intricate floral embellishments sculpted throughout in masterful raised relief, this baroque-like Chinese artwork is deeply rooted in traditional symbolism and blessings. "Happiness Lies Ahead" serves as an excellent gift for family members or anniversaries, conveying heartfelt well wishes.

The Chinese word for gourd, hulu (葫芦), has other auspicious associations as well. In some dialects, the character hu (葫) sounds similar to fu (福), which means "happiness" or "good fortune". Therefore, when saying hulu (葫芦) for gourd, it sounds similar to fulu (福禄), which means "happiness and prosperity."


大量的傳統文化圖案和中國美學的裝飾,象徵著好運,這件作品是該系列對心愛的春季季節最經典的詮釋之一。其中央的葫蘆形象驕傲地站在一個豐富的古金西塞上,都像徵著財富和豐收。西洋鏡底座的兩側是如意的符號,代表著好運的到來。水仙花和復雜的花飾以精湛的浮雕方式貫穿始終,這件巴洛克風格的中國藝術品深深紮根於傳統的象徵意義和祝福之中。 "幸福就在前方 "是送給家庭成員或紀念日的最佳禮物,傳達了衷心的祝福。

葫蘆,也有其他吉祥的含義。在一些方言中,"葫 "字聽起來與 "福 "字相似,意思是 "幸福 "或 "好運"。因此,當說葫蘆時,它聽起來類似於福祿,意思是 "幸福和繁榮"。

Happiness Lies Ahead

Topped with fortune,
great luck and advantage,
spring shines its light
on all the good
happening before our eyes.