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LIULI Crystal Year of the Rabbit Advancing with Invincibility

LIULI Crystal Year of the Rabbit Advancing with Invincibility

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  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: 6.88*3.34*5 inches
  • Limited Edition: 2000 pieces (Worldwide)
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  PEH264.ADACA

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Design Concept:

There is an ancient Chinese saying that describes one of exceptional agility as “moving like an rabbit pursued”. In Western countries, the rabbit foot is a symbol of luck. With
Exaggerated shapes highlight the rabbit’s form in motion. Standing upon a carrot with large lucky feet, wind and water carry it to success on top of its most beloved treat.
2023, Year of the Water Rabbit. Water brings fortune. The water elements in the design symbolize incoming fortune.

中國古代有“動若脫兔”形容行動敏捷;在西方國家以兔腳象徵好運、吉利,強壯的後腿帶給兔子速度和生機,因此也有“幸運兔腳”(rabbit’s foot)的說法。作品作品用誇張的雕塑手法,放大兔子奔跑時的特點。幸運大腳踏著胡蘿蔔,以心之所愛助推無數場賽道,乘風破浪。2023癸卯兔年,癸在五行裡屬水,所以這一年又是水兔年。水招財,水浪的設計寓意著財源滾滾,富貴奔騰。

Advancing with Invincibility

Without hesitation,
the rabbit leads with strength and beauty -
paths part, the way is clear to
advance with resolute invincibility.

當者披靡 前進