The Pleasure Between Heaven and Earth (Dragon & Phoenix) - Sake Glass (Set of 2)


In this harmonious coupling of two distinct opposite, a dragon and a phoenix are juxtaposed in two matching yet unique glass pieces.  Like yin and yang, the two celestial beings complement one another in this pairing.  While the square-shaped design of the dragon’s vessel is characteristically bolder, the art piece on which the phoenix is carved maintains a softer and more rounded design.  Together, they form an immortal union that speaks to balance and a cosmic harmony.  Each set in this art piece is handcrafted for unique color blends and comes in two separate options.


The Collection: Liuli Sake Glasses, Shot Glasses


The Pleasure Between Heaven and Earth

At the same sight,
Magnanimity in the heart;
Any tumult and anger never annoy in the mind.
Flying in the heaven.




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  • Dragon: 3.74"L x 3.74"D x 2.56"H inches
  • Phoenix: 3.94"L x 3.94"D x 2.56"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre


Comes with a set of 2 cups

Limited Edition:

3,600 pieces (Worldwide)


* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Exquisite LIULI Gift Bags

Packaging Award by Germany's iF Design Award

Every art pieces comes with the gift-ready packaging including gift box & bag, product's description card, greeting card, and authentic certificate*.

* Authentic certificate only comes with most art pieces at the valued of $500 and more, which include the signature of the artist, product detail, and the edition number (if applied).