Life is Simple (An Easy Heart) - An Unsolicited Wind

Color: Violet Clear

Official Introduction of Temporal Zen series

An Easy Heart - An Unsolicited Wind

Easily spoken, Easily done, Easily thought, Easily seen.
What do you say - Is it easy or not?
It is not that complicated, It is not that exasperating,
An easy heart makes for an easy world.

Design Ref. No.: VZB023.ADX
Size: 2.40"L x 2.80"D x 4.90"H inches
Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pate de Verre ( Lost Wax Casting )
Function: Zen Decor

中文版: 人間禪系列

【 心簡簡單單 】 - 不動風自來

說的簡單, 做的簡單, 想的簡單, 看的簡單
你說 - 簡單不簡單?
嗯; 沒那麼複雜, 沒那麼煩

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