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Bank of the West - Year of the Rooster

Bank of the West - Year of the Rooster

  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: Artwork: 2.09”L x 1.57”W x 3.35”H Overall: 4.53”H
  • Limited Edition: 430 Pieces
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  CVM039.A16AC

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Design Concept:

This is the exclusive design for Bank of the West in the Year of the Rooster.

Design Concept English I sit at the top but am not complacent. My willpower underpins each new challenge, I am dynamic. Head high, chest raised, steely gaze - this is one who will not take failure as an answer. One claw digs into the mountain as the other points forward with an enterprising spirit. The streamlined tail feathers combine effort, advancement and vigor; it is the very image of professional success. Standing strong against an unforgiving mountainside, the rooster is proud and at ease. Stand tall at the top, and await your next challenge. Step up with confidence poised and unwavering - success is straight ahead. The transparent base complements the sculpture and elevates it to even greater heights. Angle it just right to display the rooster’s fighting spirit.

雖已身處高位, 依然保持鬥志, 挑戰無止境, 唯有我始終意氣風發。整體展示雄雞昂首挺胸的身姿, 堅毅的眼神, 刻畫不服輸的個性足有力地屹立山岩之上, 另一足向前邁出, 有動勢, 也是永不止步的進取精神。尾羽線條簡單中蘊含著力度, 上揚且蓬勃, 是對事業蒸蒸日上的寫照; 在雕塑手法上, 分別展現出; 山岩的淩厲,公雞身上的肌肉佈局,羽毛的舒展弧線。立於巔峰,已準備發起下一個挑戰。邁出堅定的一步, 穩健, 意氣風發, 勝利永遠在前!搭配透明底座將作品整體托高,更具儀式感。利用角度展示雄雞鬥志昂揚的一面。


From the apex,
is where I set my sights.
I take a confident step;
success is within my grasp.