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East West Bank - Year of the Rabbit

East West Bank - Year of the Rabbit

  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Size: Size 2.95”W x 2.41”H
  • Limited Edition: 11,000 Pieces
  • Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Sku:  CVM084.A22AC

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Design Concept:

This is the exclusive design for East West Bank in the Year of the Rabbit.

Agile with quick reflexes, the rabbit bounds forward with a proactive spirit. This design features a rabbit speedily bounding forward with ears catching flight. Each solid and powerful bound is buoyed by the wind as if it propelled forward by auspicious clouds. Capturing a fleeting moment, this design shows a rabbit in explosive motion. Ears aflight, smile broad, feet in motion, the rabbit is takes life in stride and moves with casual confidence and self-assuredness. The design’s outline is in the shape of a mini gold yuanbao and joins rabbit with yuanbao in elegant refinement. This design captures a rabbit running at full speed, explosive and exuberant. Ears in flight with a defined form, it bounds across and carried by auspicious clouds. The result is the encapsulation of positive energy.

鼠作為生肖神話的首位主角登場, 開啟新年新氣象. 鼠的印象, 靈敏機智, 行動力強且擅於積累, 普遍認為吉祥的生肖鼠, 不僅帶來財富, 並能廣納財富, 使得寶庫充滿, 衣食無憂。琉璃燈罩式燭臺源自東方古典雅緻造型,鼠與花朵造型來自剪紙.從手工藝發展出的視覺風格在華麗與簡練中取得平衡, 兩側自上而下的線條在燭光的映襯下, 營造出溫暖璀璨光影效果. 啞光質感的黑色底座搭配澄澈琉璃雙面分別是鼠與花的描述.

Joyous Journey

Look around,
at sights unmeasurable.
Lucky rabbits, two of a kind,
Journey in joy,
Aboard an auspicious cloud.


看不夠的好光景 瑞兔成雙